Shutters for your Key West, Florida Home

Residents of the Florida Keys are all too familiar with hurricanes and the damage that ensues. Preparing your home for the next hurricane season is key in the Florida Keys! Your home is your biggest asset, biggest investment and most importantly, it’s what keeps your family and belongings safe and protected from harsh weather events that can wreak havoc, like hurricanes. Our company has been defining excellence and providing high quality products to help protect your home since 1996.

We are proud to offer a variety of shutters and hurricane shutters that offer tried and true protection. High quality products paired with our high quality customer service and knowledgeable team equals highly satisfied customers. When you're looking to replace the current shutters or have a different type of shutter installed to your Key West, Florida home - we’re here to help!

We’re proud to serve the residents of Key West and the Lower Keys, like Boca Chica Key, Saddlebunch Key, Sugarloaf Key, Summerland Key, Big Pine Key and surrounding areas.

Two windows with rolling shutters

Nautilus Rolling Shutter Systems

Whether you are looking to protect the windows of your home or business, Nautilus Rolling Shutter Systems are one of a kind and have played a major role in changing the shutter and hurricane shutter industry. The unique design of this shutter offers not only strength but versatility as well... and they are available in a variety of colors including White, Beige, Bronze and Ivory. In addition to providing superior hurricane protection they can also be used to thwart off damage from vandalism or theft. Keep your home and business protected during and after a hurricane sweeps through the area.

As the most compact rolling shutter system on the market, it can be used for even the smallest windows you would like to protect while maintaining the aesthetics of the structure. These compact aluminum shutter systems have truly phenomenal durability and design load capacity. Each and every rolling shutter system undergoes rigorous testing, like the large missile impact test and are approved for High Velocity Hurricane Zones (HVHZ) like Key West and the surrounding Florida Keys.

Why to Choose Nautilus Rolling Shutter Systems?

  • Small Housing Size - Slats have a shorter distance to travel between the track and center reel which reduces strain and friction on the motor and gears.
  • Interlocking Hinge Points - Each set of blades is created to wrap around the next set, meaning the smooth edges of the blade make contact with each other. This feature helps to prevent damage or product failure, it increases the strength and durability of the shutters which is unlike anything in the industry.
  • Operates Using Balance Springs - The use of balance springs neutralizes the weight of the shutter and allows for smaller gears and a smaller motor to operate the system, it can even be hand-operated if need be. All systems are equipped with a locking base slat.

Suppliers We Trust - High Quality Shutters for the Florida Keys

  • Eastern Metals - Eastern Metals Supply has been in business for nearly 4 decades and continues to grow and prosper. They are a top of the chain supplier and offers a variety of products including but not limited to: accordion shutters, roll shutters, bahama shutters, colonial shutters and fabric and storm panels.
  • Jupiter Industrials - Jupiter Industrials is a distributor of Aluminum Extrusions and serves residents all over the state with high-quality, durable aluminum products and the very best shutters and hurricane shutters available, they continuously strive to meet customer demand and extend their product lines.

Woman controlling shutters with her phone

Shutter Styles 101

  • Accordion Shutters - These types of shutters are a great option to protect your home or business, located in the lower keys, from hurricane damage. Rolling shutters are a durable and strong option and have their differences from other types of shutters, they unfold accordion style and when not in use they fold back and stack beside the opening as opposed to above it. Depending on your aesthetic preferences, you may prefer them to stack beside the window. Due to them being made with custom tracks they can easily be attached to just about any flat surface and are a great option for bay windows. Accordion shutters can be a more affordable option compared to other types of shutters.
  • Rolling Shutters - Whether you call them rolling shutters or roll-up/down shutters, they all serve the same purpose. Rolling shutter systems are definitely one of the most preferred types of shutters for homes or businesses located in high-velocity hurricane zones like Key West, Florida. Although a variety of shutters offer hurricane protection, rolling shutter systems like the Nautilus mentioned above are state of the art and are changing the hurricane shutter industry with the many benefits they offer.
  • Bahama & Colonial Shutters - These two types of shutters are similar however, while Bahama shutters hinge at the top of the window, Colonial shutters hinge at the sides of the window. Bahama shutters are well-known for adding that tropical vibe loved in the Lower Florida Keys. The best part is that Impact Bahama Shutters are approved for areas located within a HVHZ (High Velocity Hurricane Zone). Colonial shutters offer a more historic or traditional look, they come with outstanding pressure and impact ratings. It's really up to your design and aesthetic preference when choosing either option. An additional benefit of these shutters is that they double as sunshades as well, which allows for a cooler home environment and lower energy costs!

Please contact us for more information regarding shutter choices and specifications that will need your needs for your Key West home or business. Whether you are looking for a rolling shutter system, accordion shutters or something classic like colonial shutters, the team of Ricks Garage Doors has the answers to your questions. We look forward to working with you.